Your expert in sheet metal forming and die making

Our services as contract manufacturer are as follows

Blanking (till 160 tons), bending, blanking-bending combinations, deep drawing, stamping, and extrusion

Adept in producing magnetic shielding components, housings and devices made of Mu-Metal (Permalloy)

Adept in the manufacturing of mechanical parts and components for high-precision scales

In-house toolroom (including frequent maintenance even of third-party dies)

Specialized in fabrication of rotor and stator sheets

Specialized in producing aluminum sample pans usually used in moisture analyzers and high-precision scales

Prototyping, small batch production as well as mass production until several millions parts

CNC lathing and drilling, laser cutting, welding and surface treatments (ultrasonic cleaning, coating etc.)


If interested please contact us by email or by phone +41 44 945 68 51.


It is our wish to offer you all from one source. This means we take care of every step involved in the production process thus you can fully concentrate on your own business without any distraction.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.



Our website supports English

We are pleased to announce that by now our website is not only available in German but also in English. On the landing page just head over to the little box on the left side in the upper section where you can find all the contact opportunities e.g. phone number, email etc. and there you can find two buttons "DE" for German and "EN" for English. Push the appropriate button to get the website's content turned into the desired language.


Maschinenpark erneuert und erweitert

Die Blankart AG hat aufgestockt. Unter anderem wurde eine neue Kniehebelpresse, ein neues Fräscenter und eine neue Trowalmaschine gekauft, um den Bedürfnissen unserer Kunden auch weiterhin gerecht zu werden. Bei Interesse sind Sie natürlich jederzeit eingeladen, die Neuanschaffungen zu begutachten und live in Aktion zu erleben.


Inbetriebnahme unserer neuen Fliesspressmaschine

Ab sofort ist unsere neue Fliesspressmaschine im Einsatz und produziert die ersten Fliesspressteile. Wir freuen uns sehr, den Technologiebereich des Fliesspressens als festen Bestandteil unseren Kunden anbieten zu können.