Are you about to launch a new product and you are looking for a company that fabricates the product? Do you have already an idea but you need a hand in designing your idea and planning the required resources? Do you want to improve an existing product and need some support?

If so we could be the partner you are looking for. We promise to give our best to deliver the right solution to satisfy your requirements. To achieve our goals we separate the whole process into three important work steps as follows:



During the consulting period, we check both the requirements and the customer’s wishes for a certain issue to find the appropriate solution. Having such a close cooperation from the start on let us even avoid possible flaws before entering the design or realization period.



After the consulting period, our specialists are responsible to make a design drawing according to the results of the prior work step. Furthermore, we can create the product in our CAD program Solid Works as well to have a visual example.



During the realization period, we produce a few samples if necessary. Depending on the situation, we are even working with appropriate laser-cutting partners to guarantee a quick delivery. After the customer’s approval, we start the serial production.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.